Monday, August 1, 2011

Game News

OK so today I have a few announcements.  First, I found out when Mario Party 9 will come out!!! January 3, 2012!!  I'm sooo excited for that game, I have been waiting for years like literally 4 years!  A lot of people don't like it cause all the people are moving on the board at one time and I think it's a nice change I mean searching for stars again?  A bit repetitive if you ask me.  On other news I am planning to get another wii points card for a game on the VC.  One that I'm thinking of getting is Kirby's Dreamland 3 or Kirby the Crystal Shards.  I kind of want an old game like Kirby's Adventure.  A wii game that sounds interesting to me is Kirby's Epic Yarn... I know that game came out a long time ago but it looks very creative and adorable!  So far a hint for my next review is going to be a Disney game... One that I got for Christmas... Anyways see you on Wednesday!

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